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WebCitz provides useful PPC tools below to determine your PPC campaign metrics. In addition, you can derive different numbers needed to identify the performance of your ad and set a budget that you will need to hit specific goal metrics. Our digital marketers thought it would be helpful to offer these calculators to our paid advertising clients. Feel free to experiment with different scenarios in order to help you understand these PPC tools better.

  • ROAS Calculator
    Our ROAS calculator can help you determine if you made a profit from your ads, by subtracting the amount you spent from the amount you made.

  • CPA Calculator (from CPM)
    Use our free cost per impression calculator to figure out what your CPA will be!

  • CPA Calculator
    Want to know how much it costs you per action? Our CPA calculator can help!

  • CLV Calculator
    Utilize our free customer lifetime value calculator to determine how much revenue you could receive from a single customer.

  • CPM Calculator
    Utilize our free cost per thousand calculator to determine how much ad spend you'll have per 1,000 views.

  • Churn Rate Calculator
    Need help finding the number of customers who have stopped working with your company? Use our churn rate calculator to find out!

  • Conversion Rate Calculator
    What percentage of consumers that come to your site or view your ad complete a purchase? Use our conversion rate calculator to find out!

  • CTR Calculator
    A click-through rate is how many times a user clicks on your ad or ad link and arrives at the page you have designated. Find your CTR instantly!

  • CPC Calculator
    Our easy-to-use cost per click calculator can help you find your CPC fast!

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