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Calculating paid advertising metrics can provide valuable insights into the management of your ad campaigns.

By measuring metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC), or conversion rate you can determine how effectively your ads are performing.

This information can then be used to make data-driven decisions to help you, or your paid ads agency, scale and optimize your paid ads.

  • ROAS Calculator
    Our ROAS calculator can help you determine if you made a profit from your ads, by subtracting the amount you spent from the amount you made.

  • CPA Calculator (from CPM)
    Use our free cost per impression calculator to figure out what your CPA will be!

  • CPA Calculator
    Want to know how much it costs you per action? Our CPA calculator can help!

  • CLV Calculator
    Utilize our free customer lifetime value calculator to determine how much revenue you could receive from a single customer.

  • CPM Calculator
    Utilize our free cost per thousand calculator to determine how much ad spend you'll have per 1,000 views.

  • Churn Rate Calculator
    Need help finding the number of customers who have stopped working with your company? Use our churn rate calculator to find out!

  • Conversion Rate Calculator
    What percentage of consumers that come to your site or view your ad complete a purchase? Use our conversion rate calculator to find out!

  • CTR Calculator
    A click-through rate is how many times a user clicks on your ad or ad link and arrives at the page you have designated. Find your CTR instantly!

  • CPC Calculator
    Our easy-to-use cost per click calculator can help you find your CPC fast!

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