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Looking to generate and convert leads? Want to find a better way to connect with your audience? Build your email marketing strategy with WebCitz! We are the experts in email marketing strategy.

The importance of email marketing in a digital marketing strategy cannot be emphasized enough. Email marketing provides a high ROI (return on investment) for your online business.

In fact, research shows that about 61% of email subscribers are interested in receiving promotional marketing emails each week. Not only that, but 83% of subscribers spend more on a brand when they're received email marketing in their inbox. Email marketing is an essential digital marketing strategy that can help you develop brand recognition, boost sales, and ultimately build a relationship with your clients.

Our Email Marketing Services

  • Low Cost Marketing Effort
  • Email Template Design
  • Mailchimp & Campaign Monitor
  • Setup Segmented Lists
  • Setup Drip Email Campaigns
  • Automated Email Lists

At WebCitz, we help you by setting up email templates, helping you build your email lists, and developing your email automation strategy. Give our phone-call-friendly team a call at 800-796-8263 today!

Email Marketing Sending

How WebCitz Can Help Leverage Your Email Marketing Strategy

At WebCitz, our digital marketing team can handle your email marketing for you. Our digital marketers are skilled in the following:

  • Managing your email campaigns
  • Creating quality email content to drive customers to your site
  • Providing incentive to purchase your products or sign up for your services
  • Working with email platforms like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, etc.

With years of industry experience, our email marketing agency an help you create effective email content and personalize your emails so that subscribers will keep coming back for more. We work with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and other email platforms to help promote your business's products or services.

Why WebCitz?

The email marketing team at WebCitz can work with you to set up a recipient list based on signups from your website, local tradeshows, and onsite customers. From there, we will help you setup a professional design that can be used to send out attractive email campaigns to your customers. We will design an email template that is fully responsive on all devices. This means that no matter if you are on desktop or mobile, your customers can easily view your emails.

If you've never utilized an email marketing system in the past, we can show you the ropes. Or, you can choose to have our team customize your email campaigns. Prior to mailing out the campaign, we will send you a draft for approval. At WebCitz, we make this process simple. We can offer as much, or as little, assistance as needed to ensure you are getting the most out of your email marketing campaigns. After you've sent out an email marketing campaign, we can even show you how effective the delivery was and how many recipients engaged with your message. To get the process started, just give us a call at 800-796-8263 or email our team today.

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What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a type of direct and digital marketing. Not only are email blasts sent out to help promote your business's products or services, but they are also extremely beneficial for:

  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Building relationships with your customers/subscribers
  • Keeping clients engaged
  • Driving traffic to blog or social media
  • Showcasing new products

So why invest in email marketing, when there are other forms of digital marketing like social media? The reason is that approximately 44% of subscribers will check their email for brand promotions, whereas only 4% go to social media platforms for ad campaign details.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

As an eCommerce store owner that regularly sells product online, you may have heard of the term marketing automation. Automated emails are sent out via predefined rules to trigger personalized email messages. What's awesome about automated email campaigns is that they get nearly 70% higher open rates than the standard email that ends up in your subscriber's inbox.

Our research shows that customers love personalization. So how can you personalize your emails so that customers keep coming back to check out your products, services, and offerings? Examples of personalized automated emails include abandoned cart emails or product recommendation emails based on their purchase history.

Triggered Emails You Can Use in Your Automated Campaigns

Email automation repeatedly demonstrates just how simple sending the right email at the right time to the right person is. To get started, you'll need to have an expert digital marketer set up the correct trigger. Here are seven triggered emails you can use in your own automated campaigns:

  • Welcome emails - Take the time to welcome your subscribers! It's estimated that welcome emails are opened 10x more than other types of emails. This helps to boost engagement, introduce yourself, and get started on the right foot. So just take a moment to let them know how glad you are to meet them.
  • Onboarding emails - Now that you have a subscriber, you'll want to engage them in the purchase process. This is where onboarding emails come in. Once your shoppers receive the welcome email, send them follow-up emails with info to give your services a try and provide an incentive for your shoppers to start buying.
  • Transactional emails - Once your customers make a purchase on your site, a transactional email should be triggered right away at checkout. Transactional emails aren't just limited to purchases, however. They also include: registration confirmation, password reset notification, feedback request, and card abandonment, among others.
  • Re-engagement emails - Do you have a list of "inactive" subscribers? You can still try to re-engage them. To get started, set up a re-engagement campaign with a start trigger. For example, if a subscriber hasn't interacted with your brand in 6 months, you can have an automated email set up to check in on them.
  • Product inventory updates - Have an online store? Product inventory updates are a great way to keep your shoppers engaged with your latest product offerings. If you have carefully tracked your users' behavior through website cookies or email pixel tracking, you can send out automated messages as triggered by certain customer behaviors. This is a great opportunity to also recommend products that you know your buyers are interested in.
  • Event announcements - Is there an upcoming event that you want your subscribers to know about? Event announcements are another great way to stay in touch and inform your audience about the latest from your company. You can set up preferences that allow your subscribers to choose whether they want to be on that segmented list to receive event announcements.
  • Survey/feedback emails - Finally, you'll want to consider survey and feedback emails. These can be triggered by any type of event, from purchases, to attending a webinar, to downloading free content. Boost engagement by letting your customer's voices be heard! Not only that, but survey and feedback emails can help you learn where you can improve your product and service.

Benefits to Marketing Automation

What are the benefits of email marketing automation? Statistics reveal the effectiveness of automated emails. For example, on average, automated emails get an estimated 86% open rate and produce an estimated 196% higher click-through rate (Entrepreneur). Welcome automated emails have the potential to gain 320% more revenue than the average promotional email (Invesp). As a result, you'll definitely want to look into marketing automation for your email campaigns.

1.) Personalize your customer's experience

To start, personalize your user's emails! A customer is much more likely to open an email that uses their name, rather than a general email blast. Research shows that:

  • Approximately 90% of customers find personalized content appealing
  • About 91% of customers are likely to shop or visit a website that provides individual recommendations and/or offers
  • In 2019, 72% of shoppers responded to emails that targeted their interests

2.) Cut down on your marketing team's time

Need email marketing services but want to cut down on overall cost? Automated emails help to reduce your marketing team's time. Instead of manually creating email blasts, setting up automated emails can help to improve time spent on manually sending out emails. Since this email type is automated, it doesn't require any intervention since these emails will send out as they are triggered 24/7.

Now, the focus can instead turn towards in-depth customer relationship building.

3.) Improving your customer retention rate

Overall, it's easier to sell to an existing subscriber than it is to convert a new one. Email automation can help you connect with and retain your current customers. For best results, schedule your messages so that your subscribers here from you often, but not too frequently that they are tempted to unsubscribe due to an over-bombardment of emails. If you're an eCommerce store, we have found that one email a week can keep your subscribers engaged with your business and interested in your products.

The email marketing team at WebCitz can help you improve your customer retention rate. For best results, you want to be careful to word your email in such a way that it incentivizes the customer, without sounding pushy or spammy.


Reach the right people with MailChimp! One of the leading marketing automation platforms currently available, MailChimp is easy to use. It boasts a simple and customizable interface with detailed analytics to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. MailChimp is a very user-friendly email marketing platform that both novices and experts can learn and use with ease.

Not only that, MailChimp has plenty of features available to build attractive email templates using an easy drag-and-drop builder, conduct A/B testing, and set up email automation. At WebCitz, our digital marketing experts can help you quickly and efficiently engage your online shoppers and users while also boosting your site's online presence with MailChimp email campaigns.

Why MailChimp?

When it comes to features, MailChimp is hard to beat. Its platform is focused on a user-friendly experience and revenue-driven analytics. MailChimp makes creating and sending out emails, building subscriber lists, and viewing analytic data an easy process. For those with a smaller number of subscribers (under 2,000), you can actually benefit from a FREE basic plan. As your subscriber list grows, you'll have to upgrade your plan. However, the investment into MailChimp email marketing is well worth it. With MailChimp, it is easy to view metrics such as:

  • Links clicked
  • Open rates
  • Unsubscribe rates
  • Social media shares
  • Track sales

Tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns is a crucial part of your online store's success. You can measure how effective your emails are by checking to see how many subscribers actually open and read your emails. MailChimp's analytics include the following: 1.) how many subscribers have opened your email, 2.) links most clicked on in each campaign, 3.) how many people unsubscribed, and 4.) how your response compares to the overall average in your industry.

Have questions about MailChimp? Contact our email marketing agency at 800-796-8263 to see how we can optimize your digital email marketing strategy.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor boasts excellent email automation tools, helping you to better connect with your subscribers. With Campaign Monitor, you can choose the plan that's appropriate for the size of your business and the number of subscribers you have. Send out mass emails, set up autoresponders, and analyze the metrics to see how your campaigns are doing.

Campaign Monitor's email marketing platform provides autoresponder creation guidance, transactional emails, segmentation, and a well-organized navigation. Like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.

Why Campaign Monitor?

Where Campaign Monitor really shines is with autoresponder setup. To start, Campaign Monitor will gather your business information such as your industry, goals (e.g., increasing customer engagement, driving conversions, etc.), and the types of customers you want to target. Based on the information you provide Campaign Monitor, an autoresponder will be set up for you.

If email automation is your primary goal, you may want to look into Campaign Monitor being your email marketing platform of choice. Benefits of Campaign Monitor over other email marketing platforms include:

  • Excellent autoresponder creation
  • Transactional emails
  • Well-organized navigation

Contact our email marketing company to get started with your email automation strategy. To get started, give us a call at 800-796-8263 today.

5 Reasons Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

1.) Subscribers Will Want to Visit Your Website/Online Store

Email marketing can significantly increase your website traffic! Whether it's a phone call or a purchase, traffic to your site is essential to improve brand awareness and boost conversion. Encourage your subscribers to visit your website or online store via specials or in-store events. Make it easy for your subscribers to navigate from your email to your website. Within your MailChimp, Campaign Monitor (or other email marketing dashboard), you can track the amount of opens through buttons and links in your email to find out the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

2.) Emails Can Boost Your Sales/Increase Calls

You ultimately want your customers to make a purchase on your website, give you a call, or fill out a contact form to inquire about your service. Email marketing is a HUGE investment into getting your customers to go from being just curious about your business and services to actually converting. From more contact form submissions to more purchases, you talk with our email marketing experts about your goals! We can help you create email marketing automations and email blasts that can help drive traffic and improve conversions.

3.) Appeal to Your Subscribers By Personalizing Emails

As we've discussed already, personalization can make a shopper or curious user more engaged than by just seeing a generic email landing in their inbox. Appeal to your subscribers by personalizing your email. Use their name (e.g., "Hi John!" and display products that they have previously viewed in your store. Personalization helps to prevent your email from seeming like a mere email blast. When the user sees their name, they feel like the email was specially crafted for them. You can also try to personalize your subject line. This helps to increase users opening your email up 26%.

4.) Build Credibility & Establish Trust Among Customers

People like to do business with companies that they know and trust. Email marketing can help to bring about brand awareness and establish that trust. Additionally, you can use your email marketing campaigns to share helpful content and sell products that they like that they associate with your business. Strengthen your online presence and build trust with a well-thought out email marketing strategy! In addition, email marketing templates that look professional on any mobile device size can further establish the trust your company has built and maintained with clients.

5.) Build Excitement!

Lastly, your customers like to be informed of exclusive perks you're offering. Using email marketing, you can create excitement by rewarding loyal customers, or providing a sneak peek into an upcoming product launch. A good example of this is Starbucks. They use email marketing to reward their gold members with free drinks around the holidays. Loyal customers will appreciate the personalized email marketing that offers them a reward.

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