20 Best Web Design Companies

As a web design agency, we understand the importance of recognizing the skills and creativity of our peers. In this article, we’ll showcase 20 exceptional web design companies located in the United States or Canada. (We even included one agency from Europe!)

We’ve selected these web companies based on the quality of their own website and the remarkable websites they’ve developed for their clients. To remain unbiased, this list does not feature our own web design agency and doesn’t repeat the same web design companies found in review websites like Clutch or The Manifest.

From uniqueness and notoriety of clients served to overall design excellence, we’ll examine the factors that made these companies stand out. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next project or simply want to appreciate the amazing talent in the industry, this article is a must-read!

Join us as we dive into the world of exceptional web design examples to discover what makes these web designers so special.

Top Web Design Agencies

1. Jason Kobishop

Interestingly, this web designer is located near our company. To the best of our knowledge, we’ve never spoken with him as of the time this blog article was created.

We chose to feature Jason Kobishop as one of our 20 favorite web designers because of his accomplishments over the years. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been designing websites for more than a decade. In that time, he has managed to land several noteworthy clients such as Lion’s Tail Brewing, Bank of Kaukauna, and Strong Coffee Company. These are all well-known businesses in our area of Wisconsin.

His design style particularly stood out to us. You can see a wide range of his work in his portfolio, where he includes logo designs, branding outlines, packaging samples, and web design layouts he has worked on over the years.

For what appears to be a one-person operation, he has done a remarkable job building out a quality portfolio.

Notable client websites: Empire Inks, Strong Coffee Company, Bank of Kaukauna, Lion’s Tail Brewing

2. MG Marketing

This web design and marketing agency is in Arlington, TX. As of this writing, they had 18 Google reviews, all of which were 5-star ratings.

We thought their simple, modern web design layout was well constructed and worthy of being listed in this article. They tout the fact they developed the Dallas Mavericks website, as that is mentioned throughout the website content and even in the navigation flyout under Markets Served.

They do maintain several awesome clients though, even beyond that of the Dallas Mavericks. For example, their design work for Clarus, Loftwall, and Frasch was all well done.

Notable client websites: The Dallas Mavericks, Clarus, Loftwall, Frasch!

3. JLB Works

This web design company is much further away from us, located down in Nashville, TN.

We liked browsing their website because of the unique design layouts they included on the homepage. The multiple portfolio samples that animate in and out of view were a nice touch, as were the animated display of content sections as you scroll down. Another design feature they did well at implementing was their navigation menu, which consumes the entire screen on desktop when you open it.

In terms of notable clients, they’ve worked with, we enjoyed browsing through The Franklin Theatre, Fisk University, and Embassy Dental websites.

As of the time of this writing, they had 83 Google reviews with an average rating of 4.8, which is an awesome accomplishment!

Notable client websites: Embassy Dental, The Franklin Theatre, Fisk University

4. Cyberwoven

This web design firm is in Columbia, SC. At the time of this writing, they had 5 Google reviews with an average 4.6-star rating.

Their website features a minimal design, but with a great use of orange to add a splash of color. They put a lot of emphasis on showing off their recent web design works, which brings us to the next topic.

Some of our favorite websites they helped develop for their clients include SAFE Federal Credit Union and Sonoco.

Notable client websites: Sonoco, SAFE Federal Credit Union


This web design group is located out in Portland, OR.

Their homepage starts out very basic, with a dark background and a call to action in the middle of the screen. We like how the text in the homepage call to action animates to different words every few seconds. Their logo also has a unique hover effect to fill it with color on the interior pages. Interestingly, they don’t really focus on telling you of their services right away and instead push you to view their past work.

Some of their client sites we reviewed included Canyon Ranch, Nelson Global, and Lumencor. Their web design portfolio seems to follow a similar design style of full background colors with large, padded content sections and large images. It is a nice design style to use for client website projects.

Notable client websites: Nelson Global, Canyon Ranch, Lumencor


We aren’t sure where this Shopify and ecommerce marketing agency is located.

Their website shows off numerous brands they’ve worked with over the years. They also seem to boast quite loudly how amazing they are, showing claims of being in the top 1% of Shopify talent. It seems their core offerings are advisory, ecommerce management, user experience, Shopify, and ecommerce SEO services. Their use of a dark color scheme, with splashes of gradient coloring is unique though.

Some of the ecommerce websites we reviewed from their portfolio section included Kettle & Fire, Surely, and Super Coffee. Their client websites all have a great use of color, which makes them all great examples to review. They also had great design layouts for homepages, collection pages, and product pages.

Notable client websites: Kettle & Fire, Surely, Super Coffee

7. Briteweb

This company is in Toronto, Canada. We couldn’t find any Google reviews for them online.

We included this web design company for several reasons. For starters, their own website is beautifully designed. We loved the full screen hero video that mixes custom animations and real videography. The integration of their logo icon as a background to their logo was another great design touch.

Something that stood out to us was how many environmental and non-profit organizations they’ve helped over the years. The sites of Ocean Wise and David Suzuki Foundation are both beautifully designed. We really enjoyed the homepage layout and section designs on the David Suzuki website.

Notable client websites: Acumen, Ocean Wise, David Suzuki Foundation

8. Manufactur

This web company seems to be in Los Angeles, but might have a few satellite offices throughout the United States. We couldn’t find Google reviews for them online.

Their website stood out to us because of the unique layout of content as you scroll through the homepage. There are a lot of content blurbs and images that scroll at different speeds as you move through the page. They put a lot of emphasis on showcasing the brands they’ve worked with over time, which is a nice touch. Their “Let’s work together” call to action appears to take you through a whole process to get in touch with them, which was rather unique. This was likely implemented to filter out casual visitors who weren’t fully committed to hiring their agency.

They seem to have several noteworthy clients. In fact, their website even displays a quote from Chrissy Tiegen, a well-known celebrity. Some of the websites we reviewed included Phyll and Irvins. Both websites feature full-screen layouts on desktop devices with amazing mobile experiences and a great use of color. Manufactur seems to produce impressive web designs.

Notable client websites: Irvins, Phyll

9. Future Holidays

This web designer is in San Diego, according to the area code of their phone number. As of this writing, they have 13 5-star reviews on Clutch.com, which is an accomplishment.

One of the reasons we included Future Holidays in this list is that they’ve got the most basic, yet elegant website design we’ve ever come across from a web design agency. It is a very simple layout, comprised of a completely white background and very little color except from a few images. Their footer has a lot of color to it though, which is unexpected even if it is a nice touch. We also liked that they included a logo in the footer for “1% for the planet.”

Two of the web designs they worked on for clients that we reviewed include Windmill Air and Robin Golf. Both websites share a similar design style, which might be described as elegant or contemporary. Out of the two, we don’t know which we like more. They really did a great job handling color use, content layout, and mobile experience on each of these client websites we reviewed.

Notable client websites: Windmill Air, Robin Golf

10. ArtVersion

ArtVersion is in Lake Bluff, IL. As of this writeup, they have 34 reviews on Clutch with a 4.9-star average. This is a great feat!

We included this website in our list because they have a unique website, great customer reviews, and some intriguing past work examples. Speaking of their website, they have a unique design that features a nearly full-screen video, surrounded by a white border. This isn’t something we’ve seen in other designs recently. They also include a mouse trail as you move around on the page, and some unique animations for how content comes into view or how call to actions grab your attention.

The first client website we reviewed was Virginia Groot Foundation, which had a unique homepage layout. We loved how the content came into view, the use of large images, and the changing background colors as you moved through the page. Another website they developed that we liked was Evention, which used a homepage video placed within a unique shape. Both client projects had great mobile experiences as well.

Notable client websites: Virginia Groot Foundation, Evention

11. Camp Doug

This web designer is in Seattle, WA. We couldn’t find any reviews of them online, but they have completed some nice websites in the past.

Their own website is very minimal in terms of web pages and content. This web designer focuses on showing some of their past works right away on the homepage, and then offering to describe some of their services on a secondary page. They mostly seem to focus on WordPress and Shopify projects, which are both popular.

The projects the web designer worked on that we reviewed included RipnDip and Rachel’s Ginger Beer. We liked the unique product grid layout on the homepage of Rachel’s Ginger Beer, which included different image sizes and the prices within a bubble. The RipnDip website was basic, but it came across as well-organized. We couldn’t get over the animated logo that turns into a cat every few seconds.

Notable client websites: RipnDip, Rachel’s Ginger Beer

12. Concept Studio

This web design company is in Germany, with a satellite office in Armenia. While we were trying to focus on web designers located in the United States or Canada, we thought it might be nice to include an option from elsewhere in the world. As of this writing, they have twelve 5-star Google Reviews.

What really caught us off guard was the uniqueness of their website. The content is organized in a radically different way than what most web designers use. Their navigation menu is also very special in that it features four unique shapes that fill the screen to give you direct access to interior pages. They also include contact information in the navigation. Some other nice features include a light or dark color scheme switcher, and a custom cursor that follows your movements. They have numerous mentions from Awwwards and CSS Design Awards for their website’s design, as well.

Some of the websites they developed that we reviewed include Hexens and Bauwssen. Each of these websites are incredibly conceptual, using non-standard fonts, content layouts, and other design styles. You can tell Concept Studio prefers to take on projects from companies looking for a very unique design style. For instance, the Bauwssen website features a left-to-right content scrolling system. The Hexens website features a unique 3D shape that scrolls with you on the homepage before exploding and then coming back together.

Notable client websites: Hexens, Bauwssen

13. Status Forward

This web design agency is in Asheville, NC. This hit home for me since I lived near Asheville for a few years as a child. This web designer has seven 5-star Google Reviews.

We liked the color scheme of their website, which featured a palette of green and tan shades. Their homepage gets right to the point in terms of telling you how they help you connect with your potential customers. They then shift focus to showing you examples of their work.

We reviewed a few of their notable website design projects, including Good Dirt, Asheville Bee Charmer, and French Broad Adventures. Each of these websites had pleasing designs, perhaps all using earth-tone color schemes. This probably makes sense considering each of the companies provide a product or service that relates to nature. The overall look and feel of each of the websites was outstanding though. Even the mobile experiences were well thought out. Great job, Status Forward!

Notable client websites: Asheville Bee Charmer, Good Dirt, French Broad Adventures

14. Needmore Designs

This website design company is in Portland, OR. As of this writing, they have two Google reviews with an average 4.0-star rating.

The design of their website impressed us. We loved the full screen image slider on the homepage, surrounded by carefully placed elements like the navigation links, call to actions, and titles. While the overall design is simple and minimal, they artfully animate content sections into view and add splashes of colors where it matters.

They seem to work with a lot of coffee companies. We reviewed three of their client websites in the coffee manufacturing and roasting industry, all of which had a unique and creative design style. The donuts in the Instagram post from Sweet Bloom’s website looked especially delicious!

Notable client websites: Materia Prima Coffee, Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters, Junior’s Coffee

15. Pointer

This ecommerce agency is in Ottawa, Ontario. We couldn’t find any Google reviews for their company.

Their website is incredibly minimal, with just two sections on the homepage. The first section, against a blue background, states the service they offer prospective visitors. The second section is a unique presentation of the recent projects they’ve created. Just be sure to hover over the company names to see the hover effect.

We reviewed the websites for Lemme, DUDE Wipes and Pop Chart. Each of these websites had a very customized look and feel, which shows their web designers can venture out into new design concepts for their clients. We thought the inclusion of DUDE Wipes was quite neat, since that was a Shark Tank presenter back in 2015. WebCitz has worked with companies featured on Shark Tank, too! That was a neat connection we had to Pointer Creative.

Notable client websites: Pop Chart, DUDE Wipes, Lemme

16. Knapsack Creative

This website agency is in Lynchburg, VA. They have 62 Google reviews, with a 5-star average rating. Kudos to you guys!

Their website was pleasing to look at, especially all the neat background designs that visually separate each section. They seem to specialize in Squarespace websites, since they list themselves as a Squarespace design agency in the footer and have numerous blog articles related to the platform.

Some of the websites we reviewed that they helped develop include EST Creative, Motivated Mornings, and The Perk. We don’t have much experience with Squarespace to comment on the platform. However, each of these websites are nicely designed and professional. Most of the designs we looked at featured big swoops and easily readable content sections.

Notable client websites: Motivated Mornings, The Perk, EST Creative

17. Harrier Design Company

Harrier is in Fort Collins, CO. We couldn’t find any Google reviews for their web design agency, unfortunately.

The company seems to be owned by a husband and wife team, which is really cool. Their website features a unique color scheme, which we’ve not really come across recently. They also padded the content sections around a full screen design, much like ArtVersion who we reviewed earlier. They don’t go into detail about the website services they offer, but it is clear they help with a variety of web design services like custom development, user experience, and branding within Drupal and WordPress.

They have several awesome websites in their portfolio, including Group Mission Trips and Ginger & Baker. The goal and purpose behind Group Mission Trips is worthy of special mention. The design of their website is also quite striking, with a great use of color. The Ginger and Baker website is pleasing to look at. The full screen photo of their building is really awesome and almost takes the attention away from the clean web design.

Notable client websites: Ginger and Baker, Group Mission Trips

18. Skyler & Co.

Skyler & Co is in Boise, ID. We couldn’t find any Google reviews for their agency.

The company appears to be a one-person operation, headed up by owner and lead web developer, Skyler Thomas. Her website is very pleasing to the eye, with a contemporary design that is easy to browse and read.

The portfolio is full of some great looking ecommerce websites. A few we reviewed included Geophilia Studio and The Wild Pine. Both were in similar industries and running Shopify as their ecommerce platform. The designs of both websites were appealing, easy to read, and shop through. We particularly liked the photography of the Geophilia website.

Notable client websites: The Wild Pine, Geophilia Studio

19. CO/LAB Los Angeles

CO/LAB is in Los Angeles, CA. We could find any Google reviews online, unfortunately.

This agency has a unique homepage animation that starts up when you load the site. We had to replay it a few times to fully appreciate it. The menu navigation is also creative in that it is full screen and the links slide left and right across the site. Even the interior pages, like their About Us page, have unique designs. This web design team did a great job presenting their website and services in a unique style.

It wasn’t easy to find some of the recent projects they worked on, but we were able to scrounge the internet to find examples like Clean Cosmetics, Ford’s Plumbing, and Veterans of Armenia. It would be interesting to find out how they landed a project from Armenia! The designs of their websites are all very nice though. Each of their websites we reviewed were built within WordPress, so it is safe to assume that is their platform of choice.

Notable client websites: Ford’s Plumbing & Heating, Clean Cosmetics, Veterans of Armenia

20. DynamiX

This web design firm is in Atlanta, GA. We were unable to find any Google reviews for their agency.

They have a very well-designed website, which immediately directs you to contacting them or checking out their recent projects. Within their homepage content, you’ll find statistics they reference for how they’ve helped clients, samples of noteworthy clients, and a claim of landing 1,400+ awards for their client projects.

The websites we chose to review included Pike Nurseries, JB Weld and Chick-fil-A Foundation. Each of these designs were unique in their own way and seemed to match the branding of their respective corporations. We particularly liked the product page layouts on the JB Weld website, as we thought the presentation of product specifications and usages were well organized. The Pike Nurseries website is another we went into detail on our review. There were a lot of nicely designed sections in that website, like their ad flyers and product pages.

Notable client websites: Pike Nurseries, Chick-fil-A Foundation, JB Weld

FAQs about Web Design Companies

Please understand we are not affiliated with any of the 20 web designers or website design agencies ranked in this article. We did not receive any form of compensation for including links to their websites, or those of their client websites.

That said, let’s discuss some frequently asked questions regarding web design agencies!

What is the difference between a web designer, web design company, and web design agency?

A web designer is an individual who specializes in designing websites. They typically work as freelancers or as subcontractors for web design companies/agencies. Web designers focus on the visual aspects of a website, such as layout, typography, and color scheme, as well as its usability and user experience.

A web design company is a business that offers web design services to clients. It may consist of a team of web designers, developers, project managers, and other professionals who work together to create websites for clients. Web design companies may also offer other related services, such as custom development, digital marketing, and web hosting solutions.

A web design agency is similar to a web design company, but typically has a larger team and offers a wider range of services. In addition to web design and development, an agency may offer branding, graphic design, SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing services. Web design agencies often work with larger clients and have a more formalized process for project management and delivery.

What factors should you consider when searching for a web developer?

Finding the right web designer or web development agency is an important first step. You want to be sure to find someone who will be with your company for years to come, otherwise you’ll risk losing time and money building relationships with people only temporarily connected to your business and brand.

When looking for a web designer for your business, there are several factors to consider, including:

1.) Experience
Look for a developer with experience in the specific technologies and programming languages that your project requires.

2.) Portfolio
Review the developer’s portfolio to ensure that their work aligns with your project goals and aesthetic preferences.

3.) Communication
The developer should have clear communication skills and be able to explain technical concepts in an understandable way.

4.) Availability
Make sure that the developer is available to take on your project and has the bandwidth to meet your timeline.

5.) Cost
Consider the developer’s pricing structure and ensure that it aligns with your budget.

6.) Reputation
Look for reviews and testimonials from past clients to assess the developer’s reputation and quality of work.

7.) Skill level
Ensure that the developer has a strong understanding of the relevant programming languages, frameworks, and tools.

8.) Collaboration
Look for a developer who is willing to collaborate with you throughout the project and incorporate your feedback into the final product.

9.) Technical support
Ensure that the developer offers ongoing support and maintenance for the website after it is launched.

Disclaimer: WebCitz, LLC does not warrant or make representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the information found on this page or any websites linked to from this page. This article was written by David W in his or her personal capacity. The opinion(s) expressed in this article are the author's own and may not reflect those of WebCitz, LLC. When you purchase through links on this site, we may earn an affiliate commission.