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Google AdWords & Analytics Certified!

WebCitz now has a Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified marketer on staff! It took about five and a half hours of testing to get through all of the exams, but it was well worth it! We now fully qualify as a Google Partner and should receive our updated status and certification badge soon! Talk about excitement! … Read More

Mileage from Your Website Design

The process of redesigning a website is a big undertaking and the decision to do start it is often pushed to the back burner. How do we know this? Because we have seen hundreds of businesses push off redesigns and redevelopment work. Sometimes you just get too busy, sometimes you are waiting for a new version of software to be released and other times it is a financial or other resource issue. … Read More

Excel Tip How to Check for and Remove a Trailing Comma

Excel Tip / Trick: How to Check for and Remove a Trailing Comma

If you have ever worked with a spreadsheet that had lots of data – perhaps thousands or tens of thousands of rows – then you know the importance of formulas. We would like to share a handy formula with you that will check a cell for a trailing comma (or other character) and remove it. Please keep in mind that this formula actually checks to see if the last character is a comma – it will not just remove the last character in the cell no matter what – a crucial check for anyone that might not have such a problem on all cells. … Read More

Peyton Receiving a Pep Talk

Here is a great picture from within the office last Friday, featuring Corey giving Peyton a pep talk before the big game this past Sunday. As you might know, this pep talk must have been beneficial since it supposedly helped Peyton and company beat out a team whose quarterback threw for over 500 yards with 5 touchdowns, breaking franchise records and entering into an elite select group of quarterbacks. It should be known that we are a pro Green Bay team – we just like to have fun with the Fat Head! … Read More

Cardinal Path Webinar on Attribution and Product Listing Ads

WebCitz is excited to be attending a Cardinal Path webinar for enhanced knowledge in Attribution and Product Listing Ads! This is definitely going to be a great benefit for some of our marketing customers! As most of you know, we were in San Francisco, CA USA back in July for an entire week soaking in a lot of great knowledge from Cardinal Path’s instructors! … Read More

Google Analytics & AdWords Seminar!

WebCitz will be in San Francisco, CA from July 15, 2013 to July 19, 2013 for five days of Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Bing Ads training seminars to catch up on the latest trends and strategies! Do you have … Read More

WebCitz BBQ!

This is a great picture of Corey sitting out by the picnic table watching our mini grill heat up on June 20th. Have you ever contacted our company? If so, you likely spoke or emailed with Corey to get answers … Read More

cPanel & WHM Certified

One of our staff has passed the L1: cPanel Base Certification:Sales test from cPanel University! Stay tuned throughout the year as we rack up other certifications in PHP, PHP Frameworks, and Red Hat! … Read More