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    Determine the conversion rate that the campaign received by manually calculating it or by using the Conversion Rate Calculator we provide for fast and easy results!
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CPA (Cost Per Action) Calculator

Benefits of Using a CPA Calculator

Using our CPA calculator is ideal when you need to calculate a CPA for your ad. Below are some reasons why using a free CPA calculator can help:

More Accurate Results

When using the CPA formula to calculate your CPA, it is easy to make a single mistake that can make your numbers and metrics inaccurate. However, when you use the CPA calculator, your CPA metric will come out correct every time. There is no need to worry if the numbers are correct as there is no margin of error with the calculator and it does all the work for you.

Quick Results

The cost per action calculator will give you your CPA faster than you could do it manually. When it comes to your time, you don’t want to waste it on manually calculating metrics that can be calculated for you. Our free CPA calculator can help you find your CPA for your ad campaign within seconds!

Helps Identify Potential Campaign Problems

When you calculate cost per acquisition, it will help the performance of your ad campaigns. After determining your CPA, you’ll get an idea of how your ad campaign is performing. Here’s what different CPAs tell you about your ad campaign.

For instance, if you have a CPA that is more than what your customer would usually spend on a single product in your store, this means you need to improve your ads. An example of this would be if your CPA is $80 and your product typically sells for $30, you’re likely paying too much to convert that consumer into a customer.

If you instead find that your CPA is less than what a customer usually spends on a single product in your store, then this tells you that your ad campaign is doing a good job. This CPA means that you’ll likely always make a profit from your customers since you’re not paying a lot on the ads it takes to acquire them.