41 Best Law Firm Websites

Welcome to our guide on the top 41 legal websites!

As a law firm, lawyer, or attorney, having a strong online presence is essential in attracting new clients and establishing your practice as a trusted provider of legal services. Your website can serve as a platform to showcase your expertise, provide information on your services, and make it easy for potential clients to contact you.

In this article, we’ve meticulously evaluated hundreds of legal websites based on their design, functionality, uniqueness, user experience, and other key factors. From sleek and professional designs to intuitive navigation, these websites set the standard for the legal industry.

Get ready to be inspired and learn valuable tips on how to build a successful website for your law firm or individual legal practice. You’ll find website examples of general practice, corporate, litigation, intellectual property, personal injury, real estate, and immigration law firms in this list! For website design examples within other industries, head back to our Top Website Layouts of 2023 article!

The Top Attorney Website Designs

1. The Cochran Firm

This law firm website wants to hear from the viewers. They have their contact information, business hours, and social media icons all at the top of the page. Along with at the bottom of the page, making it easy to connect with them. This site features a sticky header, helping people navigate easier.

2. Healy Scanlon

A very welcoming website with an intro video of their team. Many links at the top of the page making it easy for people to move around. The homepage is very detailed but is still easy to read with plenty of pictures and white space. Some notable features are a live chat option, accessibility, and a contact form at the bottom of the page. They share a number of different cases they have worked on, showing potential customers what they do well.

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3. Herbert Law Firm

This website does a great job of showing what they do best right away. They share that they have 20 years of experience, what practice areas they defend, and a little about them. This helps the potential customer get to know you and know if you are what they are looking for. Also, client testimonials are shared at the bottom of the page, which is great for social proof.

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4. The Prinz

This example website is very clean and attractive. There is a red color scheme that grabs your attention. The Prinz uses plenty of white space and pictures to divide their information. This helps the page flow better, making it easier to read and follow. Different topics are divided by either pictures or different color text boxes. At the bottom of the page, they offer a google map and directions to the firm. Also, you can find their phone number and social media icons.

5. Clifford law

Clifford Law Offices is straightforward and right to the facts. This website shares many facts and very informational about their business. A video is featured on the home page allowing your viewers to learn more about the firm. There is plenty of white space between information allowing the site to not get overwhelming. Many different options to get into contact with this firm, they make it easy with a live chat, social media icons, and a contact form.

6. Husch Blackwell

This law firm website is very simple with a blue color scheme. Many links to other pages with more information. This helps the homepage focus on what the firm is all about. Also, they share customer testimonials on a slider, which is easy to read. Their links can be found at the top and bottom of the page. They have many different locations so they keep those nice and organized at the bottom of the page. Making it easy to find phone numbers and locations for each.

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7. McHargue & Jones Law

This website features an attractive intro picture, live chat, client testimonials, and Google Maps. They make it clear what they do and keep everything nice and organized. Towards the bottom of the page, they introduce their whole team and have links to more information about them. Also in the team’s introduction, they share what they do best to help you find potential customers.

8. Michael Best

This law firm homepage is very informational, sharing rankings and newsletters about the business. There is a sticky header that has all of their links nicely organized with much more information. They have their contact information at the bottom of the page, along with social media icons encouraging the viewer to reach out for more information.

9. Thorelli & Associates

Thorelli’s website is very easy to read and understand. They use many different colors to separate information, which works very well and doesn’t make the page too busy. Simple icons are used throughout the page to help the reader understand the services offered. Also, they have a contact form at the bottom of the page making it easy to contact them.

10. EntrePartner

EntrePartner uses a bright color scheme, which grabs your attention right away. There are many links allowing visitors to reach out for more information. Everything is organized very well, making it easy for visitors to easily browse through the website. At the bottom of the page, there is everything that is needed to get into contact, like a phone number, contact form, and social media icons.

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11. Winthrop & Weinstine

Very attractive and clean design with this website. There is plenty of space between and around pictures and information. This website has an orange color scheme and has a modern feel. The intro video is unique and catches the audience’s attention. At the top of the page, you can find their services, their team, and more about the law firm.

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12. Robert R. Hopper & Associates

This website is very clean and organized. All of the links are at the top making it easy to find. Also, have their phone number right at the top of the page. They introduce their team, showing that they want you to get to know them and want to get to know you. Also, they share their approach, along with the services they offer.

13. Menzer Law

Menzer Law

This law firm website is very simple, on the homepage, there is information about the firm, reviews, and services they offer. They use a blue color scheme, that is used throughout the page. One of my favorite features on this website is the live chat option. Also, there is a contact form, FAQs, and a blog section making it easy for a potential customer to get questions answered.

14. The Blankenship

The Blankenship focuses on getting information out on the main page but keeping it simple at the same time. There is plenty of white space used along different color backgrounds separating information. Also, there is a bright yellow showcasing their testimonials, drawing your attention to that section. There is a section showing results from different trials. This is a great way of showing potential customers what areas you have been successful in and more details about each of them.

15. Luvera

This law firm website is very attractive. It has great information about the business and it’s all organized very well. The layout of the site helps the page flow and makes it easier to read. Many results are showcased on the website showing what they have done and what they do good. Also at the end of the home page, they are their involvement with the community, which is a nice touch.

16. NW Corporate Law

Very simple homepage, they keep it simple by sharing who they are, what they do, and testimonials. Also, they have a few CTAs, looking for leads. At the bottom of the page, they share some of their bigger customers and linking to them to see their site. They have many different links at the top of the page nicely organized.

17. Johnston Law Firm

This website features a video explaining the business at the top of the homepage. This is a great way to get a lot of information out in one place. Also, they do a great job of explaining different aspects of the law firm. Everything is kept simple and easy to read, they know that they don’t want to waste the visitor’s time and want to get as much information out as possible.

18. Tonkon Torp

Tonkon Torp has a creative color scheme and layout. The colors that are used are orange, blue, and purple which all work very well with the site and the white space around it. The homepage is very simple with colored boxes linking to different pages. They use many pictures to keep the audience’s attention while explaining more about what they do. All of their team members are nicely organized and each talks about what they do, a little about themselves to get to know them, and how to contact them.

19. Southwest Portland Law Group

This law firm website shares many testimonials from happy customers. Which are on a slider and are very easy to read, also you can click on them and find many more. Also, they use many CTAs, allowing visitors to reach out for more information. Southwest makes it very easy to contact them and make an appointment. All of the contact information is at the bottom of the page, along with their hours and a google map showing where they are located.

20. Ball Janik LLP

Ball Janik’s website is very easy to browse through. They have a sticky header, simple icons for each practice, and all the links at the bottom of the page. The links at the top of the page are nicely organized into different categories. This makes it easy to find exactly what you want. Also at the top of the page, there is a search button so people can quickly find what they need.

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21. Chenoweth Law

This site uses a very bold and bright color scheme. They use yellow and black and the yellow really pops against the black. Chenoweth Law is very inviting with a picture of their team and what they are all about. The areas of practice are all listed on the main page and organized well with many boxes/links. Some features that stand out are their phone number listed at the top of the page, a live chat option, social media icons, and a google map at the bottom.

22. York Law Firm

This websites intro slider does a great job of explaining some of the areas of practice. Having many pictures like this grabs the audience’s attention, especially when it relates to them. The page is very clean with boxes and pictures all the same size. All of their links can be found on the sticky header, along with at the bottom of the homepage. On the right-hand side of the website, there is a button to be able to fill out a contact form and a live chat, making it easy to get into contact with this firm.

23. Piering Law Firm

This law firm website has their logo as part of their background. A blue and green color scheme is used and the green really pops against the blue. They use rounded boxes and pictures that work very well throughout the website. Also, they use many card design layouts to organize information and pictures. Which also makes the page easier to read.

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24. Tiemann

Tiemann uses a blue color scheme and has all of their pictures in black and white. They want their focus to be on their information, instead of the pictures. The black and white pictures and the blue color work well when paired together. This site does a great job of making it easy to contact them and browse through information, especially with a sticky header.

25. Arnold Law Firm

Arnold Law Firm is very big and busy. There is a lot of information but keep organized with strong headlines and clear separators. This helps the page not feel overwhelming. Right at the top of the page, there is a contact form making it quick and easy to get into contact with them. Also, they include video integration, which helps engage the audience.

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26. Freedman

This site has a strong hero header, showing the potential customers what they can provide for them. Pictures are used throughout the page keeping the audiences’ attention. They build trust with the visitors by talking about the background of the business and saying that they have been in business for more than 30 years. At the bottom of the page, they link to their reviews.

27. Cartwright

Cartwright has a very attractive and busy website. The information is very well organized and easy to read. Results from past cases can be found on the main page, along with testimonials from happy customers. There is a section that is very clear stating what types of cases they work on. Also, there are a few different videos helping explain the business.

28. Ruben Law Firm

This law firm website has a very relaxing blue color scheme to hopefully ease the visitors worries. It can be stressful dealing with a divorce, custody conflicts, child support, and much more. Ruben law shows you that they will support you every step of the way. Also, they make it clear at the beginning that they serve in family law, so they don’t waste anyone time when looking for a law firm.

29. San Francisco Law Group

This law firm site is very simple. An orange color scheme is used and with a fairly skinny font. Right in the hero header, they share that they’re immigration attorneys. There are many separators between information. They include a contact form at the bottom of the page. Also, they include clickable icons for Quora and LinkedIn.

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30. The People’s

This website is very clean and uses plenty of white space. Right at the beginning, the potential can find their location and what this law firm can do for them. This allows visitors to see if the law firm will be right for them without even having to scroll. There are many facts about the firm towards the bottom of the page, hoping to grab the readers attention and also building trust along the way.

31. Moreno

This site uses a purple/pink color throughout the page. Which is different from other law firm websites. They do a great job explaining in the intro slider that they are a divorce and family law firm. The layout is very clean and organized. Many visuals throughout the page helping the page look more appealing. It also keeps the audience’s attention for much longer.

32. Hann

This law firm website is very simple with a picture of the team right at the top of the page. They show visuals for each of the areas of practice. Also, they include some customer testimonials on the main page. Some features that stand out to me are the sticky header, google map, social media icons, and a contact form.

33. Costanzo

Costanzo has a very organized main page. All of their area of practice is on a slider and easy to read. You can click to learn more about each of them. Customer testimonials are also on a slider and very easy to read. At the bottom of the page, there is a contact form and contact information. They offer a live chat, accessibility, and a google map.

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34. SAC Attorneys

The law firm website is very simple and has a navy blue color scheme. There is a nice sticky header so it’s easy to navigate through all of the information easily. In the intro paragraph, this firm does a great job of explaining what potential customers can expect from them. One of my favorite things about this page is that they share testimonials, along with video testimonials.

35. Saavedra

This law firm website catches your eye by using bright colors. The practice areas use a card design and have a cool hover effect. Saavedra includes client testimonials on a slider which is easy to read and great social proof. Their phone number is located at the top and the bottom of the page. Also, there is a sticky header to make it easy for visitors to browse through the information.

36. Goldwater

This website has a gold and red color scheme. Which the colors works well together and are different from other websites similar. One thing that stands out to me is that the potential customer can choose the case type and get more information for that case type. Also answer a questionnaire to see if there is a claim. A feature that stands out is the live chat but also they state that they are available by phone 24/7. This gives satisfaction to visitors that they will get an answer back as soon as possible.

37. Alcock & Associates

Alcock & Associates are great at informing people about different aspects of the law. Like what you can expect from DUI, criminal cases and etc. They share how many cases they have handled since 2000, showing that they have been busy for more than 20 years. Also, they share a few videos answering questions you might have about the different cases in that area.

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38. Zachar

This site is all about getting a lot of information out to the viewer. This allows the potential customer to get a good understanding of the business from the homepage before even contacting them. There are many calls to actions buttons, having people reach out for more information and contact them. Many features stand out to me, like the accessibly, live chat, social media icons, a contact form all on the homepage.

39. Suzuki

This law firm website has a red, white, and blue color scheme. Very welcoming home page, offering important information right away and a contact form to get into contact. The law firm offers many different areas of service and does a great job of organizing it at the top of the page into different categories. With having few different categories it helps visitors to be able to quickly find the information they need. Some features that can be found throughout the home page are accessibility, live chat, and google map.

40. The People’s Law Firm

Very creative home page and explains right off the bat that they fight for civil rights and human rights. Even in their name, they share that they are here for the people. A couple of videos are located on the page talking about the team. Many news articles are shared about what they have done for others and the community. A contact form can be found at the bottom of the page along with their many locations.

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41. Guidant

This site knows it can be overwhelming to find the perfect law firm, especially with so many different ones out there. So they keep their page very simple and have a nice relaxing blue color scheme. On their homepage, they share who they are and what they do and have more links at the top of the page on a sticky header. Also at the bottom of the page, they have their contact information and social media links, making it easy to get into contact with them.

FAQs about Web Development for Lawyer Websites

What makes a good law firm website?

A good law firm website has a professional design and great content showcasing their services, staff, past work, testimonials and any other selling points. A good law firm website must also have great call to actions to help acquire new clients.

How long does it take to design a law firm website?

The time it takes to design a law firm website can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the site, the number of pages, the amount of content, and the desired features and functionality. One option to consider is using a customizable template website, which can provide a quicker and more cost-effective way to create a professional-looking website. Typically, a basic law firm website can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to design and develop, while a more complex website can take several months.

The design process includes creating a custom design or selecting a template, choosing a platform and hosting provider, and building out the site’s content and functionality. The development process involves coding, testing, and debugging the website to ensure it is fully functional and responsive on all devices. Ultimately, the timeline for designing a law firm website will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the law firm, as well as the availability and efficiency of the web development team.

How much does a law firm website cost?

You can expect the starting price of a template-based law firm website built in WordPress to be around $4,000. If you need design mockups built into a custom theme, expect a higher starting price in the area of $10,000. The main contributors to cost increases include premium design requirements, custom functionality, and data migration.

What does a law firm business need to prepare or provide to create a website?

To create a website for a law firm, the business needs to prepare and provide various materials, such as high-quality images, relevant content, branding elements (such as logos and color schemes), and information on the services offered. It’s also important to consider the needs and preferences of the target audience and design the website with a clean, professional look that is easy to navigate.

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