50 Best Daycare Websites

Hello there, daycare and childcare providers! Are you in search of some web design inspiration for your care center? Look no further, as we present to you our guide to the top 50 daycare websites.

Our team of web design professionals has combed the web to find and assess the best daycare sites based on factors like design, functionality, uniqueness, and user experience. From charming and playful designs to easy navigation, these sites are the top of the line in the daycare world.

Not only will you find ideas for your own site, but you’ll also pick up some tips on how to make your online presence shine.

Gear up and give your daycare business a boost with the help of this guide! You’ll find website examples of childcare centers, home-based daycare providers, after-school programs, drop-in daycare centers, corporate childcare providers, and non-profit daycare providers in this list! For samples of websites within other industries, head on over to our Top Rated Websites article!

Top Childcare Website Designs

1. Bright Horizons

This daycare website has a good amount of written content but doesn’t feel overwhelming with all the visuals. There is a large visual with small icons, which when you hover over it gives you information for that icon. This is a great way to get visitors involved with your website. These icons show the different areas that this education team works on with the children. There are many pictures of the children showing the different activities with a hover effect explaining the picture.

2. Children’s Lighthouse

Children’s Lighthouse has a bright red that is very eye-catching. It’s made clear what they offer so the potential customer knows if the daycare is a good fit for their children. Also, it’s made easy to register and know the prices for the company. This is very helpful so people can check to see before register if it’s within budget. Their phone number, email, and address are visible at the top of the homepage.

3. Wise Owl

This website is simple with plenty of white space. There is an alternative placement of pictures and content, in which first you look at the image and then the content next to it. This daycare website uses bright colors which makes their website cheerful and happy. Many images throughout the website that shows what kind of atmosphere this childcare center has.

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4. Blooming Bud

This site has a fun and creative design that’s cheerful and bright. Most of the images are either rounded or have a flower design around them. With the bright blue background and flowers, it keeps the website interesting. They showcase 30 years in business and other statistics on the homepage, building trust with potential customers. Not only does this website have parent testimonials featured it also has children’s testimonials. Showing that children are happy along with their parents.

5. Kid’s Work

The website for Kid’s Work is very colorful. The layout is very easy to read. Also, there is a good mix of written text and images. The site is very clean and organized with many boxes with information and pictures to break up the text. They do a great job of keeping everyone informed about different things happening within the center so the parents can rest assure their children are in a safe and secure environment. Sharing more information about what the children will be doing helps parents know if they should bring their kids to you or not. This is a great way to show what you have to offer.

6. Ebenezer Child Care

This daycare website has lots of visuals showing what their daycare is all about. Many pictures of children on the intro slider. Also, there is a great video getting a lot of information out to the viewers all in one place. The burgundy color works well and is consistent throughout the website. A cursive font is used for most of the headlines, which helps bring attention to important information.

7. Apple-A-Day

Apple-A-Day uses many different bright colors but it doesn’t get overwhelming because each block of color has different information so it’s easy to read and understand. Their homepage is kept simple focusing on contact information but has links to their services, mission, and application/rates. This childcare website even shows the schedule for the day, so as a parent you know what your children will be doing and when. Social media links are visible at the top of the page next to their phone number, allowing more ways to connect to this center.

8. Kid-Tastic

The website for Kid-Tastic is very straightforward with information. There is a great intro paragraph with a video that explains things well. Along with a list of why this daycare is different from the rest of them. Many links are at the top of the page, helping visitors browse and discover information. There are client testimonials ready to read on the homepage along with contact information at the top and the bottom of the page.

9. TenderCare

This site is simple with a blue/purple color scheme and plenty of white space. Their phone number is visible at the top of the page. The client testimonials, Google Map, and contact form are at the bottom of the homepage. There is a small Facebook section allowing parents to see what’s going on with updates. Also, there are other social media links for more ways to connect and other places to read reviews.

10. Grandma’s House

Grandma’s House uses big, capital letters for the headlines. Also, a question about why you should choose this daycare center. This helps you get to know the childcare center better and build trust with the business. Many visuals are visible on this daycare website that helps explain the information featured. Cartoon pictures of children are used to show the programs they offer. This is a great way to be different and stand out from other websites similar to yours.

11. Daycare Services

This website is bold and creative by using a rainbow color scheme. The buttons at the top of the page are each a different color. This daycare website stands out from other ones like it. To keep the site organized and clean boxes with information are used, also rounded buttons allowing it to have a seamless feel. At the bottom of the homepage, there is a big “Sign Up Today” poster that the kids are holding. Along with their contact information.

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12. New Horizon Academy

New Horizon Academy features a great video clip in the intro slider. With children doing different activities with the teachers. This website has a great design with many images, bright colors, and simple matching icons. A few features that stand out on the homepage are the client testimonials, helpful resources, and a newsletter sign-up option. There is also an offer for new customers when enrolling now.

13. YWCA

This website starts by showcasing where they are located and the hours of operation. This is a great way to get important information that the audience is looking out for. There is a great gallery of pictures of children doing different activities throughout the day. Also, at the bottom of the homepage is the tuition for this daycare. This allows the potential customer to get an idea of how much money and what the daycare is like all from the homepage.

14. The Cradle Club

The website for The Crable Club starts with an intro clip sharing their story. The layout is very simple and many colors make the page pop. On the homepage, customer reviews are visible along with programs and different locations. Also at the bottom of the page, social media links are allowing more ways to connect with them.

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15. Kinderberry Hill

Kinderberry Hill uses creative headlines and backgrounds that look like they were written out and painted by hand. Which matches the intro slider of the children coloring and painting. The page is easy to read with the different background color blocks and the many images throughout the page. The website is very organized, which makes it easy to browse through the information. Also, the colors work very well together and make the website stand out from other daycare websites.

16. Little Trailblazers

This daycare website is simple and easy to follow. Bright yellow buttons on the homepage to highlight CTAs. Also on the homepage, they share their vision, values, and philosophy. This is a great way to get visitors all the information they need before getting into contact. The team is introduced on the homepage, allowing the potential customer to see who will be spending time with their children.

17. MightyKidz

The website for MightyKidz is very informative and does a great job showing what is childcare center is all about. The hours, locations, and testimonials are all featured on the homepage. Also, the educators are introduced with an awesome picture of them with some children. This is a great way to show what kind of atmosphere your daycare is like. There is a contact form, along with social media links allowing visitors to connect many different ways.

18. KidsCentre

KidsCentre has a great intro header, showcasing some of the different activities they do with the children. All the pictures, buttons, and blocks of information are rounded. So it has a clean and seamless design. At the bottom of the page, there is frequently asked questions allowing potential customers to get question the might have answered. Also, there is a contact form making it easy to schedule a tour.

19. Seattle Learning Center

This daycare website has a good amount of written content but it’s well organized and has different blocks of information. Also, the colors that they use aren’t too busy which keeps the focus on the written content. The headlines are big and bold with capital letters. There is an Instagram section that shares quotes, inspiration, and some artwork for children at the daycare on the homepage. Seattle Learning Center’s phone numbers and social media links are visible at the top of the page.

20. Kiddie Academy

This site uses a simple blue throughout the pages and uses many pictures to help explain the written content. Many links to more information and to find the closest location. This makes it easier for a potential customer to easily get into contact and learn more about the academy. Customer reviews and informative posts are visible on the homepage. Also, social media links for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram making it easy to connect with the business.

21. Wow & Flutterville

Wow & Flutterville right off the bat showcases many pictures of the children and teachers having fun. Different blocks of background color keep the information organized and not feel overwhelming. There is a section on the homepage for customer testimonials. This site is all about music and incorporates throughout the pages different things about music. Also, at the bottom of the page, they share a playlist for this month. Which is a playlist they put out for BIPOC mental health.

22. WeVillage

This daycare website does a great job of showing and explaining what this business is about. There is a good amount of written content, along with pictures. A short video is shared showing the inside of this daycare and also showing some different activities the children can do. This is a great way to build trust with the parents and show that you have a safe place for children. The childcare center is very unique so it’s good that there is a video showing the different things within the building. Their programs are nicely listed and they also offer birthday parties.

23. KidsPark

The website for KidsPark is very inviting and fun. Right at the top of the page, a video is featured that does a great job explaining what this childcare center is about. Then they go into details of the services they offer and how things work. Also, they share small images of the team and share what they are all certified in. There is an informative blog with different projects, explaining KidsPark preschool/parties and topics about children.

24. Childtime

Childtime’s website is very welcoming, it has many videos and pictures throughout the site. Bright colors are used which help grab the attention of the audience. There are many helpful resources for the potential customer, such as a way to schedule a tour, pay online, and get into contact with them quickly. This website does a great job of showing and explaining what their childcare center is all about.

25. Angelica’s WeeCare

This website is very simple and is very straightforward. All the information is put out right away wasting no time at all. The programs that they offer are visible on the homepage along with things that are provided, reviews, and tuition. Towards the bottom, there is a Google map and an informative blog.

26. Le Petit Bebe Daycare

This daycare website shows their business through images. There are many pictures of activities and different foods that they offer. On the homepage, client testimonials are allowing potential customers to see other people’s experiences and know if they want to bring their children to this childcare center. Also, there is a Google Map at the bottom of the page so people can see where they are located.

27. Primrose Schools

This website is simple with a white background and a green color scheme. Some important information is shared on the homepage, there is an introduction, and age groups that they offer. Also, many articles with images showing what’s happening in the school. There is much more detailed information within the other links, helping parents feel safe sending their children to a new place. The address, hours, and phone number are visible right at the top of the page.

28. Kids Are Us

Kids Are Us has a creative website with big, one-word headlines. Also, many clipart images grab the audience’s attention. Another thing that keeps the people interested in the website is the different movements of images when scrolling and the hover effects on some of the images. The homepage focuses on the at-home atmosphere they have and how they keep children safe, happy, and feeling comfortable.

29. Watch Me Grow

This website uses primary colors for its color scheme, which works very well throughout the pages. Watch Me Grow is very organized with 3 categories and some links at the top of the page with many links within them. This makes it easier for the audience to browse through information and discover new things. This childcare website does a great job of separating information with pictures or different color blocks. Which helps the page not get overwhelming with information.

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30. Principrin School

This childcare website’s design really makes the page come to life. There is a fairy tale theme with colors that pull everything together. The design of the website goes along with their philosophy that the best way for children to explore is through exploring. There are many blocks with pictures that link to more information. Also, they do a great job of explaining why potential customers should choose them. On the homepage, there are interesting facts, social media links, and a sticky header making it easy to find information.

31. Creative Care

This website screams that it’s a creative childcare center, especially with it being in their name. They do a great job of explaining what they have to offer to the potential customer. Also, at the bottom of the homepage, important information is shared, such as hours of operation and that they are CPR certified. The website is very eye-catching with the little images/doodles having some movement.

32. Museum District Childcare Center

This childcare website is very simple with a white background with an intro image that represents a children’s drawing. Plenty of white space is used around information and rounded buttons, allowing the page to have a nice clean look. The homepage showcases the child center, its mission, and customer testimonials. Also, a few CTA’s hoping the potential customer reaches out for more information.

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33. Grandma’s House Child Care

This daycare website is very informative and helpful to potential customers. There pictures and buttons are rounded for a nice clean look. A video is visible on the homepage offering a tour, along with a good amount of information all in one place. This is a great way to get people to know and build a relationship with the business. There is contact information, Google Map, and a contact form at the bottom of the homepage.

34. Childtime Learning Centers

This website for Childtime of Houston is very informative and offers a good amount of visuals. Their address, contact information, and hours of operation are visible right at the top of the homepage. On a slider, there are customer testimonials, allowing visitors to read them right from the homepage. Some informative videos at the bottom of the page, so visitors could learn something new through one of your videos. Also, the center offers a live streaming video so parents can get updates and see their children throughout the day.

35. The Growing Tree Academy

A very simple website with pops of colors here and there. The Growing Tree has a great layout showcasing the age groups that they offer and other programs. Wavy lines are visible on the blocks of colors, along with little doodles making their daycare website stand out from others. Simple icons are used to help highlight information on the page. There are many social media links at the bottom of the page allowing people to stay connected with this company more than one way.

36. The Learning Experience

This daycare website uses many colors for its color scheme. Which helps the page stand out for others like it. The intro header and most of the other images on the homepage have a picture of children and some characters that are brought to life. These characters are also used as a unique and awesome way to help children learn. Having the imagination already started for these children helps show that they can be as curious and creative as they want. This is also a great way to show parents that the environment is safe for their children to grow and feel comfortable.

37. Discovery World Learning Center

Discovery World’s website design is very simple. A good amount of white space is used and a good mix of images and written content. Right at the top of the page, there are 4 different links with pictures, allowing for the visitor to reach out for more information. The daycare website showcases why you should choose them and the awards they have won through the years. A Google map is visible at the bottom of the page, along with social media links.

38. Castle Hill

The homepage for Castle Hill is very simple. With all of the links visible at the top of the page. On the homepage, the phone numbers are big, and easy to find the first thing on the page. Also, have an intro paragraph showing what the center is all about. The homepage is kept simple so all the information does get too overwhelming or start to get confusing. Within the links, there is a good amount of information with a few images. There is a contact button that follows along, which makes it easy to quickly contact the childcare center.

39. Country Home

This website has a simple layout with lots of different colors. Throughout the site, there are some scroll effects along with a few hover effects. This is a great way to keep the attention of the audience. An image and a short written description of the activities they offer are organized with a card design. Which helps the page have a clean look. Also, there are customer testimonials and images of what the inside of the center looks like. Allowing the potential customer to know what they can expect and know if it will be a good fit for their children.

40. ABC Learning Center

This daycare website is very cheerful and welcoming with a cartoon intro picture. Great introduction of the childcare center and what its mission is. Many pictures of what the inside/outside of the building looks like and pictures of the playground. There is a sticky header with all of their links making it easy to browse through information and learn more about this center. The phone number is visible at the top of the page, also at the bottom with a contact form.

41. All My Children

All My Children is a great example of a website that has a simple design and a simple color scheme. The font that is used is small, along with the images. This helps the page from getting overwhelming and confusing from content. The color is consistent throughout the page. There is not a lot going on and the background stays white. An Instagram section is visible on the homepage sharing what’s happening around the daycare. Some features that stand out are the live chat, contact form, and social media links.

42. Vivvi

Vivvi’s website has many colors but is still simple. The images used on the homepage and the white space help the page flow well with the information featured. On the homepage, there is a list of ages and helpful tools. This list is very colorful and stands out with them using a rainbow color scheme. There are many links so they are nicely separated into helping families and employers. Also, all the links can be found at the bottom of the page making it easy to browse through the information.

43. Sunshine Learning Center

This website is bright and busy with little doodles around the site. Also, a bright-looking playroom showing people what it looks like inside. It doesn’t get overwhelming with not as much information on the homepage. There is a featured section showing the curriculum and the age groups. Call to action’s making it easier for potential customers to reach out for more information and get into contact with the business.

44. Broadcasters’

Broadcasters’ has a great intro slider with pictures of children from the center learning and playing with toys. The information is organized well with a card design at the top of the homepage highlighting information about the business. Then, colorful icons for different age groups and other things they offer and are important. At the bottom of the page, testimonials and FAQs are allowing social proof for potential customers.

45. The Britleys for Toddlers

This daycare website is very informative getting a good amount of information to the potential customer right in the intro paragraph. It doesn’t get overwhelming because there are many images around it. It can be stressful for customers to send their children to somewhere they don’t know. The Britleys for Toddlers knows that and want to help by allowing potential customers to get to know the childcare center right away. Many blocks of blue and white are used to feature information. First, your attention is drawn to the picture and then to the written content.

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46. Home Away From Home

Home Away From Home is a great example of a clean and attractive website. The written content to images ratio is perfect. The image flips flops from one side to the other and then the content is on the other side. So, the audience’s attention goes to the image first, and then it goes to the written content next to it. This is a great way to keep people interested in your content. A header with phone numbers and locations is visible at the top of the page and follow along while scrolling.

47. La Petite Academy

48. University for Kids

This website has an eye-catching intro picture. This grabs your attention and makes you want to keep reading. There is a good ratio of pictures and written content and the images help break up the information. Towards the bottom of the homepage, they share their two locations and show them both on a map, showing that they are pretty close and not to get confused. An Instagram section is featured allowing customers to connect in another way.

49. Kidz Stuff

This daycare website’s homepage is straightforward. The intro header is very welcoming with a few pictures of children playing. All the important information is visible and more information is within the links. Trust is starting to be built with them sharing how many years serving, how many staff members, and how many students are in their care now. Their phone number and social media links are visible from the top and bottom of the page.

50. Tooney Town

This website uses primary colors for the color scheme. These colors together really make the website stand out. There is more than one location so they make a point to show both locations and both of the contact information. It’s very easy to navigate through information with a sticky header. There are social media links for both of the locations so customers can stay connected with the location that your child goes to.

FAQs about Web Development for Childcare Websites

 How long does it take to build a daycare website?

The timeline for building a daycare website can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Using website templates can expedite the process and reduce the time needed for development. A basic daycare website using a template can be completed in a few weeks, while a more complex project with custom features and design can take several months or more.

When using website templates, the development process involves customizing the design and layout to fit the specific needs and requirements of the daycare business. This includes selecting appropriate color schemes, fonts, and images, and adding or removing features as needed. Templates can be a cost-effective and efficient option for building a website and can significantly reduce the amount of time and resources required for development.

Why should I hire a company to develop my daycare website?

There are several reasons why you should consider hiring a professional web development company to create your daycare website. First and foremost, a web development company can help you create a website that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. This can include selecting a design that accurately reflects your brand and services, as well as implementing features and functionality that make it easy for parents to learn about and enroll in your daycare programs.

Additionally, a web development company can help ensure that your website is optimized for search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find you online. They can also help you establish a strong online presence through social media marketing, email marketing, and other digital marketing strategies.

What will you need from me to build a daycare website?

To build a daycare website, we will need to understand your business goals and target audience, and content such as text, images, and videos to accurately represent your daycare business and services. We can work with you to create content if you don’t have it. We will also need to discuss specific features and functionality that you require, such as online registration forms and photo galleries, to create a custom design and development plan.

Lastly, we will need access to your domain name and hosting account to properly set up and launch the website. Providing us with these elements will ensure that your daycare website is designed and developed to meet your specific needs and help your business succeed.

How can I ensure that my daycare website is effective and successful?

As a web development company, we recommend focusing on a clear and easy-to-navigate layout for your daycare website, highlighting your services and contact information. High-quality visuals, such as images and videos of your facilities, staff, and activities, can also help establish trust and credibility with potential customers.

It’s also important to optimize your website for search engines by incorporating relevant keywords and meta descriptions. Providing easy and secure online registration and payment options can further enhance the user experience for parents and caregivers, attracting more customers and reducing administrative workload. By prioritizing these elements, you can create a successful daycare website that effectively promotes your business and provides a positive experience for visitors.

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