43 Best Insurance Website Designs

Greetings, insurance professionals! Are you seeking to enhance your online presence and attract more clients? Look no further, as we’ve got you covered with our guide to the top 43 insurance websites.

Our team of experts has scoured the web to find and evaluate the best insurance sites based on design, functionality, uniqueness, and user experience. From sleek and professional designs to effortless navigation, these sites are the cream of the crop in the insurance world.

Not only will you find inspiration for your own website, but you’ll also gain valuable tips on how to make your online presence stand out.

So, secure your future and give your insurance business a boost with the help of this guide! You’ll find website examples of independent insurance agents, captive insurance agents, online insurance marketplaces, employee benefits consultants, insurance adjusters, and risk management consultants in this list! For examples within other industries, head back to our most creative websites of 2023 blog article!

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Top Insurance Agent Website Designs

1. Sean The Insurance Guy

This insurance website uses simple colors and has a creative design that brings the site to life. It also is eye-catching and keeps the audience’s attention throughout the website. This insurance company offers many different areas of insurance and does a great job of separating them, so things don’t get confusing. Some features on the homepage that stand out are the client testimonials, live chat, and also the informative blog.

2. Uia Health Insurance

The website for Uia Health Insurance is very welcoming with an intro slider with images of their team. A few bright colors are used for the color scheme that works very well together. Client testimonials are visible on the homepage, along with a live chat making it easier for the potential customer to get into contact with the company and get answers as soon as possible. At the bottom, there is a contact form, reviews from other places, and a Google map.

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3. New York Life

New York life has a very informative website with the hope of answering the potential customer might have. Also, there are many helpful blogs and resources available. The information is organized well and easy to browse through different articles and resources. This is a great way to show people that you as a company know what you are doing and will be able to help in many ways. Towards the bottom of the homepage, they feature some frequently asked questions that are very helpful to the potential customer.

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4. Concordia Plans

This website has cartoon character images that are very detailed and help explain different links. The site is very organized and easy for potential customers to browse through the information. With many pages, they keep the homepage clean and simple by having six categories that top all the links within the different categories. All the links are also visible at the bottom of the page along with social media links allowing people to connect in different ways.

5. Progressive

Progressive’s website is very simple with plenty of white space and a smaller font. Right away they showcase some facts that help them stand out from other insurance companies. They make it quick and easy to get a quote by allowing the potential customer to pick the product they want to insure and then fill out some questions asked to then get a quote. This makes it convenient for the potential customer to see what they would have to pay.

6. Insurify

Insurify has a layout that flows well. Right off the bat, they feature a form to receive a quote for insurance. Also, reviews are visible right at the top. Many informative articles are labeled very well so it’s easy for the potential customer to find articles that relate to what they need. There’s a section on the homepage highlighting information about why visitors should choose them. This is a great way to build trust between the company and potential customers.

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7. Lemonade

This website is very attractive and creative. Everything is white black writing and visuals, then there is a pop of bright pink highlighting information and grabbing the audience’s attention. The happy client testimonials scroll through on the homepage which is easy to read. The site is very straightforward with great explanations on how things work. Social media links, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, are visible at the bottom of the homepage.

8. Ladder

The homepage for this insurance website is simple with plenty of space around the written content and not many pictures. On the “About Us” tab there are many images and content about the history of the company and how they run their business. It’s very easy to receive a quote with many opportunities along the way to click “Get My Price”. On the homepage, there are client testimonials, FAQs, and social media links.

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9. StateFarm

Statefarm’s website has a bright red color scheme. The CTAs are all the red color and are rounded, some of the pictures are also rounded giving the page a nice clean look. This company offers a few different discounts and features them on the homepage. This helps draw attention to your business and make it stand out from other insurance companies like it.

10. Geico

The website for Geico is simple with not a lot of information on the homepage. Also, many helpful links are visible, making it easy for customers and potential customers to get the help and support they need. There is a menu with more information and is very organized, making it easy to browse through the information. And have the potential customer find what they were looking for.

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11. Farmers

This insurance website is very informative and keeps everyone updated by having a section with the latest news. A few blogs are visible on the homepage, which will help the reader plan and prepare for what’s important. The website has a good amount of information but doesn’t get overwhelming with having blocks of information, visuals, and icons. Also, having a consistent blue color helps the page flow better.

12. Prudential

Prudential’s website is all about getting the visitors involved and keeping their attention through the whole site. Many things that people can click on and also there are a few questions asked. There is a button to be able to find a professional that follows along while people scroll through the page. Also, there is a sticky header that helps to be able to quickly find what is needed or browse through the information. Links for many social media platforms are visible at the bottom of the page.

13. Nationwide

Nationwide offers personal and business services so they separate them at the top of the page allowing there to be less information on the homepage. This company is all about making it as easy as it can for its potential customers. There is a login, a search bar to find a local agent, and learn more about the insurance they offer. With the log in the customer can file a claim, pay a bill, and much more. Their links are visible and nicely organized both at the top and the bottom of the page.

14. Allstate

All state has a very simple homepage with all of their insurances they offer first thing on the page. This makes it easy for people to click on what insurance they are looking for and get all the information they need right away all in one area. On the homepage, the visitor can find helpful tips and stories about the insurance that is needed. Many CTA’s throughout the main page making it convenient to get a quote wherever you are on the website.

15. Novo Connection

This website is very simple with black and white images. The blue color helps the website have a nice relaxing feel. Novo offers a live chat option making it easy for potential customers to get into contact as soon as possible and know they will get a response right away. There is a short video on the homepage helping the audience get to know the business. There is plenty of space between paragraphs helping the page stay simple and relaxing and not overwhelming with too much information.

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16. PolicyBazaar

The site has a simple design that brings attention to how the company can help potential customers. It’s made easy to browse through different plans and prices and find one that is perfect for what the visitor is looking for. They showcase different information that makes them different from other business like them, hoping the stand out and people pick them. They also offer an app hoping to make things more convenient for the future customers and grab their attention showing them how easy it could be.

17. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual’s website grabs your attention with a bright yellow intro header. Right away there is a form to fill out to receive a quote on insurance. There are also other helpful resources visible on the homepage. The insurance website is separated into three different categories, which is very helpful so potential customers can see information for exactly what they need, such as personal, business insurances, and about the business. Within each category, there are more links with information and helpful resources.

18. Cover

The website for Cover has a simple design and is attractive. There is a simple white background with plenty of space between topics. Big and bold headlines helping separate information. Also, there are some questions asked to get the audience involved. Some features that stand out on the homepage are the client testimonials and social media links. Some things that stand out on this page are blogs, FAQs, and a visible contact button at the top of the page.

19. The Zebra

This website is very straightforward and to the point. Right away the potential customer can get a quote for either car or home insurance. Also, the reviews are visible right at the top showing that they have a high rating. Towards the bottom of the page, there are frequently asked questions answering questions that get asked a good amount of times. Their phone number is visible at the top and bottom of the page making it easy to connect and get the insurance figured out.

20. Quotelab

This insurance website uses cartoon characters which is eye-catching. It’s also different from other websites that offer the same things. Which makes the website more personable and will be easier to remember a page that was unique and stands out. There are many helpful articles for each insurance that they offer, this is allowing potential customers to read the articles and know what is best for their situation.

21. Wefox

This website has a purple color scheme that helps the page stand out. A contact form is visible right at the top of the page making it convent for visitors to get into contact as soon as possible. The color is used throughout the whole website, it highlights important things, such as contact information and icons that help show how they are different from other companies.

22. Friday Health Plans

This insurance website is a great example of a website that has a good mix of written content and visuals. A few bright colors are used to help bring attention to the site. To be able to get more details the visitor can put in their state so they can get the correct information to that person. This website offers different plans and does a great job explaining them and showing what the potential customer can get with each of them. Easy to get into contact with a contact link at the top and bottom of the page, along with a few social media links.

23. Haven Life

Haven Life uses bright and cheerful colors on its website. Images that are unique creative are visible throughout the homepage. This helps the site stand out and also grabs the audience’s attention and keeps them on the site longer. Their main focus for the homepage is to show all of their happy client testimonials. And they let the customer’s words speak for the company. This is a great way to show potential customers what other people are saying about the company instead of trying to explain it yourself.

24. Coverhound

This site is very organized with each service visible on the homepage and each of them organized into different groups. Which makes it easier to browse through the services and find the one that is needed. Visible on the homepage are customer testimonials, helpful articles, and social media links. All of the links are at the bottom of the page along with each state to find the exact coverages for that state.

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25. Esurance

This insurance website is informative and gets the information out right away. On the home page, they feature reviews, what they cover, and what their mission is. They make it easier by having an app, so customers can make a payment, update info, and file a claim. They showcase on the main page that they have an app so it grabs people’s attention with other companies not having one and shows that insurance can be easy and not a hassle like sometimes it is.

26. BoughtByMany

This website is very eye-catching with many images of pets. The images do a great job of grabbing the attention of the audience and explains the content well. Right off the bat, they showcase why their coverage is different from other insurance companies. The CTAs are very strong and stand out with a bright pink color. One customer’s review is visible on the homepage with a link allowing people to see more reviews through Feefo, which gives the visitor more to see.

27. National General

National General offers many different areas of insurance and does a great job highlighting each one. On the homepage, there are many opportunities to get a quote, making it easy to do so whenever the visitor is ready. The whole site uses simple icons that really bring attention to what is being talked about and also helps explain the information. The links are both organized at the top and bottom of every page making it easy to browse through the information.

28. Oscar

This is a great example of a website that wants you to contact them right away. Their phone number is visible at the top, a button to find a doctor, and a button to activate an account. Also, Oscar wants to get the information the visitor might need to them as soon as possible. FAQs are visible right away on the homepage, along with informative blogs and important information as you scroll through.

29. PassportCard

This insurance website has a unique intro header and a bright red color scheme which work together to grab the attention of the audience. Full-length images are used which makes the website seamless. Large headlines help separate information and allow the page to flow well and not get overwhelming. At the bottom of the page, they feature the “About Us” section allowing people to get to know the team and also the business. There is a contact form visible at the bottom of the page making it easy for potential customers to fill it out and get in touch.

30. Friendsurance

This website is very simple with plenty of information visible on the homepage and white space to make it easy to read. The information is placed well and very organized which helps things not get overwhelming and confusing. Icons and some images are used to keep the audience’s attention as they scroll through the information. The homepage has client testimonials, an introduction of the team, and social media links. Which helps the potential customer get to know the business and connect with them in different ways.

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31. MyLifeProtected

The website for MyLifeProtected has a great layout that is easy to read and doesn’t get confusing. An intro header with many pictures showcasing some of the products they offer. Different color blocks with important information are used throughout the website. Which the blocks help separate the different topics and keep them readable. Some features that stand out are the live chat option, social media links, and a helpful blog.

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32. Humana

Humana is a great example of a website that is very straightforward and keeps the site simple making it easy for people to find the information that they are looking for. Their main focus is on older people. So they trying to keep the site as simple as it can be. There is a search bar at the top and a few questions are asked to get visitors thinking and also getting them involved through the site. Personal stories, FAQs, and information about Medicare are all visible from the homepage.

33. Coverfox

Coverfox features a form to help find the insurance the potential customer is looking for. Also, next to that Facebook and Google reviews are visible to look into. Another thing this website has on its homepage is information on why the visitor should choose this company for their insurance, while doing that they are building trust. There is an option to buy insurance online and they showcase a visual showing exactly how to do it so there isn’t as much confusion. At the bottom of the homepage, happy client testimonials scroll through the page.

34. Aetna

This insurance website’s homepage is very simple, focusing on the areas of service. Right away people can click on the service they need and find more information. This is a great way of having all the same information within one page. Then the homepage can stay simple and it doesn’t get overwhelming with information. Each link has helpful links available, along with quick links. Also, there are videos helping people get a better understanding of the company.

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35. Clark

This website uses a purple color scheme throughout the whole site. There is also plenty of white background space around information allowing the website to have a clean look. Many links on the homepage allow potential customers to reach out for more information when they want to. Features that are visible on the homepage are customer reviews, hours of operation, and social media links.

36. Erie Insurance

Trov’s website is a great example of a design that is eye-catching. The first thing on the website there is a color-changing background that changes colors from all different blues to all different purples. Also, while the colors are changing the line that meets the while is moving almost like a wave. Farther down on the homepage there is a great visual explaining how to pick/add a coverage. This is a great way to show people how to get started. Other designs grab the attention of the audience.

37. HealthCare.com

This website is very clear and gets the important information out on the main page first. There is a step by step instructions on how the business works. Also, there is a brief intro to the company. Their phone number is visible at the top and bottom of each of the pages. Some features that stand out are accessibility and social media links.

38. HealthCare.gov

HealthCare.gov has a very straight-to-the-point website. Right off the bat, important resources are visible such as get started, pay the bill, learn how to save, and find the agent that is the closest. They want to increase their email list so they make sure to feature that on the homepage. At the bottom of the page, there is contact information and links for their social media.

39. Gabi

This insurance website finds the best price for the coverage that is needed. The first thing they feature on the homepage is their reviews and a link to get started. Many simple icons are used to help show what is being explained, it helps so the site isn’t boring and loses the interest of the audience. Towards the bottom, they showcase what makes them different from other companies like them.

40. GradGuard

This website is very clean and attractive. There are many visuals to go along with the written content. First thing this site features are the client testimonial allowing the visitor to read other people’s experiences and see if this insurance company is the want to trust. It’s very easy to browse through information with a sticky header, also with all the links visible at the bottom of the page along with social medial links.

41. Policygenius

This insurance website has a very clean layout with colors that grab your attention. The page is easy to read with bold and strong headlines. Policygenius knows that many other insurance companies could be like them, so they try to stand out and offer things not others don’t. They offer a 24/7 chat service to be able to help customers whenever they need help. People like to see live chats because it means they can get an answer right away and they don’t have to wait long.

42. League

League’s website has a minimalist feel to it. They see it as less is more. There is plenty of space between visuals and written content. On the home page, there are a few client testimonials featured, along with news articles and the services they offer. Some features that stand out are the contact form visible on the homepage and social media links so customers can connect and discover information from more than one platform.

43. Simply Business

This website is very organized with all of its links visible at the top of the page, along with all the links at the bottom of the page. Also, there is a search bar so the potential customer can find their profession and then start a quote when they want to. Throughout the main page, there is a good amount of information about how they are different from other companies and what they can offer to potential customers.

FAQs about Web Development for Insurance Provider Websites

What is the best website platform for making an insurance website?

WordPress is one of the most suitable website platforms for creating an insurance website. It is a flexible and customizable platform that offers a wide range of themes and plugins that can be used to create a professional-looking insurance website. Additionally, WordPress is SEO-friendly, meaning that it is optimized for search engine rankings, which can help attract more visitors to your website. Overall, WordPress provides a user-friendly platform that is easy to use and can help you create an effective and successful insurance website.

What is the best way to create an insurance website?

As a web development company, we recommend starting with a clear understanding of your business goals and target audience to create an insurance website. WordPress is a popular and flexible website platform that offers a range of customization options and features suitable for an insurance website. Additionally, using a template-based site can be a cost-effective option that can be customized to fit the specific needs and branding of your insurance business.

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